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Clown Gallery

 Clown and Balloon Artist, Marianne Donnelly Marianne Donnelly Face Painter

SILVER THE JOYFUL CLOWN pleases children and adults with silly magic, elaborate face-painting, cute balloon creations, songs, stories, games and simple giveaways.  Marianne Donnelly studied at the Celebration Barn Theatre with Tony Montanaro (mime and theatre) as well as the American Repertory Theatre Cambridge, Mass. costume shop, private lessons with various circus clowns and Harvard Children's Theatre Association.  Silver the clown has thrilled Fortune 500 company parties, birthdays, weddings, festivals, hospital visits and much more.  In ancient lore "silver" is the color of the full moon beams which supposedly gave people ecstatic joy (lunacy).  Marianne's character is a gentle, funny, ceremonial clown that brings everyone at the event into the action to honor the special child of the day.  Children are not afraid of "Silver" and she is often invited back to the same events again and again.  priced reasonably.