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Alcott Gallery

Louisa May Alcot

Louisa May Alcott: Beyond Little Women has been featured at the Boston Public Library's 150th Celebration as well as numerous schools, colleges, civic groups, private parties (tea with Louisa) and more. Anna Alcott's descendants have enjoyed this program.  Louisa has toured through seven states and continues to be a popular Women in History program or American Literature program.

Marianne Donnelly's careful attention to detail has earned the accolades of many:

  • President of the Boston Public Library Bernard Margolis said, "your program was exactly what we wanted and brought Louisa to life."
  • Senior Center Cambridge Mass Director Terry Romanoff said, "it is hard to find programming for the seniors.  Your Alcott continues to be requested again and again."
  • New York Public Library, "a wonderful program that more should see"
  • Arizona State Library Association, Jan Elliott, "Both your Alcott and Calamity Jane are well researched and wonderful for audiences to participate in."
  • Arizona Republic Newspaper, "well crafted."
Louisa May Alcot Louisa May Alcot
Louisa May Alcot Louisa May Alcot
Louisa May Alcot Louisa May Alcot